Course Inclusions

* A Starter Kit with Tattoo Equipment worth INR 25,000.00

* Digital portfolio of the tattoos you have done.

* Digital Tattoo Flash Collection

Advanced Tattoo Training Course Curriculum

* The Course is Custom Designed keeping the Artist's skill level in mind.

* This course will help you Resolve Technique Problems during practice and solve them with our Professional Tattoo Artist. By the end of the course students will have done enough tattoos to extend their portfolio.

* We conduct Seminars Focusing on Invididual Topics - Eg. Making Stencils for Realistic Tattoos, Portraits, Using Magnums, Digital Designing of Tattoo Art etc.

Advanced Tattoo Training Course Requirements

* Tattoo Art Work(Portfolio)

* Passio for Tattoo and Art.

* Website or Facebook address(If active)

* Students under 18 years need Parent's Permission.

*Nurture Your Distinct Art Style

Week 1

Chapter we will cover in this course are below:

* History of Tattooing; Present Day Industry; Future Possibilities.

* Intro to Different Tattoo Art Styles & Masters of the Trade.

* Intro to Tools of the Trade.

* Tattoo Machine Basic Knowledge - Machine Construction & Adjustment.

* Needle Configurations & Best Practices.

* The Tattooing Process - In depth knowledge on how a Professional Tattoo is Executed.

* Sterilization, Aspetic Techiniques / Procudures

* After care Instructions

Week 2 & 3

* Basic Drawing.

* Basic Coloring

* Color Mixing

* Outlining Technique.

* Shading Technique.

* Coloring Technique.

Week 4

* Training on Appropriate Consultation

* Photoshop Basics for Image Editing

* Portfolio Presentation & Extension

* Marketing Basics & Accounts / Inventory Management. Lifestyle Basics & Exercises to help avoid issues while working long hours.

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