About Her

Mumbai based, Tejasvi prabhulkar popularly known as the tattoo girl or the most tattooed female in india started her career as tattoo artist since 2014. She got her first tattoo on her body at the age of 17. Tejasvi was in love with tattoos, but her parents did not approve of it. When she was in college, Tejasvi insisted that she wanted to make a career focused on tattoo art. Her parents made it clear that they would have none of it. She had been a painter as a kid, fell in love with idea of having a tattoo on her body, learnt the art of making tattoos and practiced it as a passion. When in college, where she had enrolled in an undergraduate course in mass media, Tejasvi realised that a formal college degree would add no value to her career as a tattoo artist. It was time, therefore, to quit formal education. By the time she was 20, Tejasvi had been labelled as nothing short of crazy. She had dropped out of undergraduate college. In following her passion for tattoos, 25 of them had been inked on her body by then, and the passion had taken over her life.She wanted to do something extraordinary so that all the taunts of her family and friends would stop. After long hours of scouring the online world, she figured out that there were no records in the country around women making tattoos. During the searches, she came across the Limca Book of Records and how it featured the achievement of amazing Indians. At the age of 21, Tejasvi added 78 more tattoos to her body in a month, sometimes getting as many as six in a day. All the tattoos were related to memories or meaningful things in her life. Her vast ART knowledge and creativity will give you something you will LOVE. 6 years in a row this 22 year old girl is a TATTOO ARTIST , PAINTER and THE MOST TATTOOED FEMALE IN INDIA.