Tejasvi Inks a Unique Limca Record with 103 Tattoos on Her Body

She first went under the needle when she was seventeen, a little after getting into college. Fed up of people pronouncing her name the incorrect way, she got her name tattooed on her arm. It was something that had always left her upset and she thought it was the simplest solution. While some of those pronouncing her name wrongly may have finally got it right, it raised a storm at her home.

Mumbai-based Tejasvi Prabhulkar was in love with tattoos, but her parents did not approve of it. She was staying with her parents and their opinion still mattered for her. When she was in college, Tejasvi insisted that she wanted to make a career focused on tattoo art. Her parents made it clear that they would have none of it. The tussle continued unabated till one day all hell broke loose.

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