Queen of Black Ink

What did specifically do when you were 17? Went to school, and back home, isn’t it? But, that might not be the case for every 17 year old out there. When Tejasvi was 17, she started getting inked. Yes, like a real needle piercing through her body. But if you ask Tejasvi, she has a passion for tattoos.

Since then, Tejasvi has inked not more than 103 tattoos on her body, and you might be wondering what her current age is? It is just 21. Well, Tejasvi has different types of tattoos on her body. It’s not all cute or not all wide, just something from each. From the tender age of 17, she had a dream of covering her body with tattoos, and it seems that now her dream is finally fulfilled.

Check this link for more info: https://www.hotfridaytalks.com/culture/tejaswi-prabhulkar-getting-inked-to-set-a-new-record/

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